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Office Page
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Office Staff

Mrs Glennon
School Business Manager

Hours of work
Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.


Mrs Tilmouth
Administrative Assistant

Hours of work
8.30am - 4.30pm


The school cannot keep or dispense medicines, except for long-term disorders such as asthma, epilepsy, etc. Parents are asked to complete antibiotic courses at home.
Please note that if you wish to join our school you will initially be required to contact the local admissions team on 0300 123 4043, who will be able to guide you through the procedure.

Free School Meals
The current price for school dinners is £9.75 per week – you may actually be eligible for free school meals, all you need to do is telephone the following number, 01438 737370. Its as simple as that. Even if your child does not want School dinners initially they would be entitled to Free Milk up to the age of 8. If you wish to pay for dinners by cheque,please make them payable to HCC.
School Uniform
This can be purchased from the school office, above is a copy of the order form which you are able to download, complete and hand in at the office. They will then ring you once your order has been processed.
Following a survey of the parents conducted by the governors, this school uniform policy has been developed.

We have a school-colour based uniform. The school colours are navy blue and dark grey.
It helps the younger children to settle into school more quickly and to acquire independence if they wear clothes that
they can easily manage for themselves. Suitable clothing could be chosen from:
For girls:
Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan (plain or with school logo)
Navy or dark grey skirt or pinafore or trousers
White blouse or polo shirt (plain or with school logo)
Checked or striped dresses in blue and white
White socks

For boys:
Navy blue sweatshirt (plain or with school logo)
White shirt or polo shirt (plain or with school logo)
Navy or dark grey trousers
Navy or dark grey shorts

For P.E.:
Navy blue T-shirt and navy shorts. We ask that children have PE kit in school at all times.
We suggest that parents establish a routine in which PE kit is brought to school on a Monday and taken
home for washing on a Friday.

Outdoor shoes should be substantial and have a good grip on them for safety. If trainers are worn
they should be black and shoe shaped.
Children require a change of footwear, preferably a pair of flexible-soled plimsolls and a named
shoe bag to hang on their peg.

Watches, Jewellery, etc.
Watches and other valuables are easily lost at school and staff cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur. Jewellery should not be worn or brought into school. Pupils with pierced ears may only wear small, plain studs.
No radical hairstyles (ie, mohicans, nike ticks etc) \ colours for boys or girls are permitted.

Please mark your child’s clothing, footwear and other possessions clearly to minimise the risk of loss.
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