stag Radburn Primary School Letchworth
Radburn Way,
Letchworth Garden City,
Hertfordshire. Sg6 2JZ
Tel: 01462 621800
Fax: 01462 621802
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About Us


Radburn is a County Co-educational Primary School for children aged from 3+ to the school can have 40 Nursery children and 300 Infant and Junior children.

The school was built in 1965/1966 and was originally an Infant School with a Nursery class and an entirely separate Junior school - linked only by the kitchen buildings.

The schools were amalgamated in 1986 and the corridor next to the kitchen was built to connect the Infant & Junior sections. There was also a health clinic on the site - where the Little Stars Pre-school Playgroup now operate.

In addition, part of the building is used as an Opportunity Class - this is a pre-school group for disabled and autistic children. They have several sessions each week. In 2005 a Pupil Support Base (PSB) was opened within the main school.

The remainder of the building - the old infant hall and side rooms - is available to the school for teaching and activities during assemblies and wet playtimes. This hall and some rooms are available to other community users.

The main school is of a traditional design with 8 large classrooms. The Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception Classes) is in a specially adapted secure area with spacious working areas, its own cloakroom, toilets and a fenced grass and tarmac play area with low-level play equipment.

The school is also fortunate to have the following rooms and areas.

  • A dedicated Special Needs/Teachers Resources Area.
  • An Early Years Reading Resources Area.
  • A Key Stage 2 Reading Resources Area.
  • A Fiction and Non-fiction Library.
  • A Dining room.
  • A main school hall and a second school hall.
  • 2 enclosed garden areas.

The school grounds comprise of extensive playing fields, low-level play equipment and hard play areas. A large Nature and Conservation area has been developed - consisting of scrubland, a small wood, a large pond and smaller ponds for classroom activities.

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